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This comprehensive listening process includes absorbing not only the words a person is speaking but also what they are communicating without words. Listening in this way helps in understanding a person’s experience more completely, increasing the possibility that  the therapeutic work will be helpful. By carefully looking at what is communicated in sessions an individual can come to know themselves deeply. This increased self-knowledge can lead to freedom from self-limiting thoughts and convictions and to greater mental clarity. At the end of a successful treatment people sometimes report an increase in energy and  a feeling of ease and lightness.

While in therapy a person may discuss difficult experiences and painful feelings. It is necessary to maintain an atmosphere of privacy and confidentiality to help someone speak with candor.

My Background

I am a licensed independent clinical social worker with additional training in psychoanalysis. I have worked with adults and older adolescents in psychotherapy and psychoanalysis for thirty years. My professional experience includes clinical work at The Children’s Hospital and The Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, MA.  I am on the faculty and a supervisor at The PINE Psychoanalytic Center, Needham, MA, and for The Fellowship and Advanced Training Programs at The Boston Psychoanalytic Society and Institute, Newton Centre, MA. I am a Course Director and Adjunct Faculty at Harvard Medical School.